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The Importance of the Number of Packages and Pallets in Partial Transport

Partial transport defined as the transportation of goods ordered by one or more buyers from different companies as a single combined cargo. Transportation is usually by sea, rail, road or air. In this case, the goods of different buyers can be transported in the same container or wagon. The loading stage of the products is very important in order not to damage the product in international partial transport.

Sizing the packaging according to the loading size of rail, road, air transport vehicles and containers provides great savings in transportation costs.

Considering that the package is seaworthy (Seaworthy Packaging) in maritime transportation, suitable for handling (Multiple Handling) in mixed transportation, and the transportation fee of the package is paid per kilogram in air transportation, it is of great importance to make light materials.

According to this;

In Seaway transport, 2.70 meters of packaging height and 12.50-18.30 meters of length,
In Road transport, the packaging size is 2.30 meters in width, 2.40 meters in height and 13.60 meters in length,
In Airway transport, 2.44 meters in height, 2.44 meters in width and 3.17 meters in length,

It is of great financial importance that the above-mentioned measures are not exceeded.

Pallet Usage in Partial Transport

The use of pallets in international shipments helps to prevent the movement of cargo inside transport vehicles and containers during transportation.

While standard size pallets facilitate the efficient storage and distribution of products, differences between countries make it difficult to distribute and stack products.

In this regard, there are (International Organization for Standardization) and CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standards for wooden pallets.

These standards covers the moisture rate of the raw material used, quality, physical durability, tests for measuring the bending resistance of pallet nails, maintenance and repair of pallets, pallet dimensions, manufacture and marking.

Standard Pallet Dimensions in International Transport

European countries and America have standardized on pallets over time.

Pallets according to these standards are as follows

  • As Euro Pallet with UIC 435-2V standard number and 80 cm x 120 cm dimensions,
  • In America, Canada and Mexico with 7 CFR 319.40 standard number and 100 cm x 120 cm dimensions,