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We offer our strength to your service with our efficiency-oriented efforts to speed up the packaging and labeling process.

What is Textile Logistics and Ready-to-Wear Logistics?

Textile logistics includes the transportation of raw materials used in the textile industry or other auxiliary materials used in the textile industry, which is carried out intertwined with ready-to-wear logistics. Ready-to-wear logistics, on the other hand, includes the storage and packaging of clothing products and accessories that are ready for sale through mass production.

Distribution and Storage Process in Textile Products and Apparel Logistics

Distribution and storage stages in textile products and ready-made clothing logistics:

  • Acceptance of goods,
  • Transfer,
  • Storage in the right conditions, in environments that do not receive appropriate heat and sunlight,
  • Ironing and packaging in accordance with regulations, stics.
  • Labeling, alarming and automation with advanced technological methods,
  • Sorting and quality control of products,
  • Private collection management,
  • Hanged or shelf storage options,
  • Ensuring vehicle occupancy at maximum capacity,
  • Reporting,
  • Reverse logistics.