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What does temporary storage mean?

Before the goods arrive at the customs territory of Turkey, a declaration containing general information about the vehicle in which the goods are transported and the goods loaded on that vehicle is submitted. This declaration is called “Summary Declaration”. From the date of submission of the summary declaration, a “customs-approved transaction and use” must be determined for your goods within 45 days from the date of submission of the summary declaration if the goods arrive by sea, and within 20 days if they arrive by other ways. In cases where the summary declaration is given in advance, these periods start after it is presented to the customs. From the moment your goods are presented to the customs, until they are processed and used within the scope of the Customs Legislation, they are in the “temporary stored goods” customs status.

Is it possible to process and work in Temporary Storage?

Temporarily stored products can be handled in a way that maintains the same condition as long as no changes are made in their appearance and technical features.

Is Customs Duty Payable in Temporary Storage?

Customs liability arises when the temporarily stored goods are illegally removed from customs custody. And in this regard, it may request a guarantee from the owner of the goods in order to ensure the payment of customs duties.

What does customs warehouse mean?

In some cases, you may not want to complete the import process as soon as the goods you want to import arrive in Turkey.

For example:

You may want to delay the payment of customs duties on the goods you want to import until the goods are released for free circulation.
You may need time to complete the necessary permits to import goods.
Goods may be found to be faulty or defective before the import process is complete and you may want to return to what is known as ‘return to origin’.
You may want to move the goods you want to import to the marketing stage by going through storage, packaging, labeling, etc. processes.

In such cases, the goods can be brought to the Customs Warehouse. Customs warehouse is an open or closed place that meets certain conditions where the goods under customs supervision are placed.

What are the Goods Conditions for the Customs Warehouse?

Goods not subject to import duties and trade policy measures and not in free circulation,
Goods in free circulation that can benefit from export measures if they are stored in a warehouse,