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Retail (FMCG) logistics and management is one of the sectors where time and speed are the most important factors. We are with you with our solutions and suggestions to meet the consumer demand on time and to gain advantages in the market.

What is Retail Logistics?

The retail sector is one of the most important areas on which our economy is based. The retail sector and retailing, which has a very high strategic importance in terms of the welfare of the country and the purchasing power of the citizens, covers a very wide area from restaurants to markets. Retailing, which is accepted as the last stage of the distribution process and ensures the delivery of the products to the final consumers, is the meeting of the products with the consumer, usually through stores, various markets and grocery stores.

In order to present the requested products to customers in a timely, complete and safe manner in the markets or in any store, more than just retailing and the necessary planning is required. At this point, retail logistics comes into play and ensures that the necessary stages are completed.

Storage and Order Supply Services in Retail Logistics

Solutions offered by warehousing and order fulfillment services:

  • User-specific or user-shared facilities,
  • Distribution centers operating in national and regional areas,
  • Systems and processes for managing the workforce,
  • Ambient and temperature control,
  • Safe storage of hazardous materials,
  • Integration of warehouse management systems,
  • Secondary packaging (auxiliary packaging).

Product Packaging Services in Retail Logistics

Solutions offered by product packaging services:

  • Main product filling,
  • Product design and procurement of necessary materials,
  • Ready-to-present promotional materials,
  • Module preparation,
  • Shrink packaging,
  • Sticker and label applications,
  • Product classification,
  • Packing of dinner sets.