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With our automotive logistics and transportation services, we provide time and space savings with our finished vehicle logistics, automotive spare parts distribution and storage service options.

What is Automotive Logistics?

Automotive transportation is a process that starts with the handling of imported vehicles or automotive spare parts and includes the shipment of these products to the warehouse areas, customs clearance, various operations before shipment, and the shipment of the products to the vendors. This process also includes the transportation and loading of the vehicles or spare parts to be exported.

What Solutions Do We Offer in Automotive Logistics?

PDI (Pre-delivery Inspection) is one of the services we provide for the brands we work with in every way possible. The stages we have accomplished in our PDI studies are as follows:

  • Preparation of Turkish user manual,
  • Removing the paper wax coating on incoming vehicles,
  • Taking the vehicle from sleep mode to normal mode,
  • Entering the code of the car audio system,
  • Checking the wipers,
  • Controlling the door settings,
  • Placement of accessories such as mats etc.,
  • Attaching the roadside assistance label and the importer’s stickers.

How Does the Acceptance of Goods Stage Happen in Automotive Logistics?

Steps in the acceptance of goods process:

  • Creating the plan of the goods collection process,
  • Combining transactions in this process,
  • Ensuring inventory and vendor management,
  • Demand planning and forecasting,
  • Fullfilling the orders,
  • Excessive stock management,
  • Central inventory and outlet inventory methods.

How Does the Storage and Distribution Process Happen in Automotive Logistics?

With the Carousel System we are using, we separate the storage process from the classical Automotive storage processes and turn it into an actively progressing process. In addition to instant stock tracking, stock analysis, order and shipment management during the storage process, we offer privileges in automotive logistics through sorting, packaging and different label or barcode applications.