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We promise a smooth transportation experience by providing raw material transportation and customizable solutions with our manufacturing logistics management and services.

What is Manufacturing Logistics?

Manufacturing logistics, also called production logistics or industrial manufacturing logistics, provides a great support to the manufacturer in the process of manufacturing their products, as well as the control, planning and management of the general materials and information flows of these materials of the companies in the production sector. The distribution process, which starts before production, continues with the transfer of the products to the warehouses and stocking, and then the materials go through certain procedures in line with the value-added services. After the processes in the storage process, the materials are distributed to the necessary places or the reverse logistics of the returned materials are carried out.

What Solutions Do We Offer in Manufacturing Logistics?

  • Preparation of the production process plan,
  • Transportation and storage of materials,
  • Material quality control,
  • Providing support to the manufacturing process,
  • Making the products ready for production,
  • Packaging,
  • Transfer of products to other stations during production,
  • Order management,
  • Supply management,
  • Active transfer of information about the process,
  • Supply chain optimization,
  • Value added services,
  • Customer service support.