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What is E-Supply?

All of the commodities and services required for the production process are referred to as the “supply process”.

The decisions to be made by the companies during the supply process are of great importance for the smooth progress of the process. Time management, intermediaries, order dates and determining the number of personnel are some of these decisions. Risks arising as a result of wrong decisions or unexpected situations can harm both the company and the customer.

E-supply, on the other hand, enables these processes to be managed over the internet. Portal solutions and electronic supply systems provided over the Internet allow companies to complete their supply processes securely over the Internet. In short, the act of purchasing is moved to the virtual environment.


The most important attribute in e-procurement systems is data and database platforms. With these platforms and data, purchases can be made via the internet or a central portal. The communication between the buyer and supplier parties is maintained by providing clear and simultaneous communication.

Solutions We Offer in Warehousing and Order Supply

  • User-specific facilities,
  • Facilities that users can use shared,
  • National and regional distribution centers,
  • Workforce management systems and customized processes,
  • Hazardous material storage in a safe environment with temperature control,
  • Integration of warehouse management systems,
  • Secondary packaging (auxiliary packaging) services.