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With the management of health and hospital logistics, we ensure the transportation of all kinds of medical products and medicines to the determined locations under the right conditions.

What is Health and Hospital Logistics?

Health and hospital logistics refers to the process of producing, importing, storing, transporting and delivering drugs, raw materials, medical devices and similar materials to the determined location in line with security factors. Health and hospital logistics is a process that proceeds under the supervision and control of the Ministry of Health.

What Solutions Do We Offer in Health and Hospital Logistics?

We list the solutions we offer in health and hospital logistics as follows:

  • Consolidation in non-hospital facilities,
  • Stock services and management,
  • Analysis and reporting,
  • Management of material inputs and outputs,
  • Managing the minimum stock quantities of the products,
  • Distribution to hospitals,
  • All logistics needs of newly established hospitals and health institutions.

Storage, Ordering, Distribution and Transportation in Health and Hospital Logistics

  • Compliance with Ministry of Health Regulations and GMP Standards,
  • Integration with warehouse management system,
  • RFID tag and packaging applications,
  • Design and optimization for distribution and transportation networks,
  • Shipment planning and optimization,
  • Customer-specific, dedicated delivery option,
  • Partial transportation,
  • Performance management and reporting,
  • Order consolidation,
  • Cold chain transportation,
  • Tracking and monitoring of shipment processes.