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Project Transportation and Process

Project transportation is the process given to the non-standard transportation of non-standard loads from one place to another.

In this context, the most important concepts consist of time and target. The customer’s expectation from time is to ensure the supply of the product within the scope of the project in the timelines, and the expectation from the target is to bring the loads to the planned location without any damage.

Another important issue in project transportation is the necessity of knowledge about legal procedures with an experienced staff.

Such projects, where project costs are very high, dangerous work class and human life, bring along the need for an experienced staff.

In addition, a staff that has knowledge of the transportation processes, procedures and principles, as well as the regulations of the region where the operation will be carried out, is of great importance in order to avoid problems in legal practices, while preventing disruptions before and during the operation phase.

Stages in Project Transportation

In the project process, we may encounter situations such as restrictions, changes in planning, timing or budget changes, there are certain studies that need to be done on the basis of the project.

These studies can be listed as follows;

  • Planning studies; This is the stage where the route is determined, the shortest and safest route should be determined for the shipment.
  • Cost research and analysis; Calculation of the cost of the shipment and how a budget will be allocated in this context.
  • Operational compliance; Establishing the necessary team and providing the equipment for the planned project transportation.
  • Legal compliance; The processes of obtaining the necessary permits for shipment from the institutions that depend on the determined routes,
  • Operation phase; The departure of the cargo to be delivered to the destination and the entire delivery process of the cargo.
  • Supervision and information; Controlling compliance with human and environmental health throughout the project period.


Who Carry Out the Project Transportation?

In order to carry out Project Transportation; education certificate obtained from the state or an institution determined by the state and past experience in heavy cargo transportation are among the requirements sought.

Moving a project is a serious and professional process. Project transportation should be carried out by a team that is experienced in the transportation industry and is absolutely expert in operation management.