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Storage and Warehouse Difference

What does Storage mean?

It is the name given to the places where the products entering the customs areas are stored in the customs establishments until they are cleared from the customs. In this context, there are different storage areas, open and closed. The price of the products stored, the weight of the product, the type of storage and the number of days to be stored are important factors in determining the price. Storage services are provided for open bulk products as well as container and box products.

What is the Difference Between Storage and Warehouse?

Storage; These are the areas where container storage is preferred, products that are not sensitive compared to warehouses are stored, are located in open areas and are generally stored with containers that are unloaded from the ship.

Warehouse; They are closed storage areas where sensitive products are stored compared to warehouses, for protection against external factors and weather conditions. Depending on the scope and need, there are warehouses with cooler and freezer chambers.

How is the Storage Fee Determined?

The weight of the products, the length of stay, how they are transported and the type of product are the factors that determine the price in this process, and which of the pallet trucks, forklifts or cranes is used in the unloading of the products are among the factors that determine the price.

Storage and Demurrage

The most important factor in the storage fees is the free time given to them by the companies. The term Free Time, refers to the number of days that goods stored in containers can be stored free of charge after entering customs. The expenses incurred as a result of the products stored in the warehouse exceeding the period are called demurrage costs.

If the free time is exceeded outside the port, the storage of the goods incurs Detention fees. In this context, the detention costs of the products must be paid for each day in case the products have exited the port border but have not yet cleared customs.

In Turkey, demurrage and detention costs are collected as a single invoice under the name of demurrage.