Value-Added Services

Anasayfa Value-Added Services

Warehouse solutions of ULUSAL LOGISTICS describe a much more comprehensive service than inventory storing. Our customers benefit and are satisfied with our wide variety of additional services that are offered by us as a part of logistics process and will increase the performance of supply-chain,

Collection and packaging, customization, suspension, grouping, ranking, pre-sale activities make contribution to decreasing the costs of our customers and to more convenient management of inventories regardless of the sector.

Our customers who collaborate with us in this manner will have the advantages of working with us by saving a great cost and time.

Basic Value-Added Services

  • Packaging
  • Product Installation
  • Grouping
  • Ranking
  • Line Supply
  • Design (Appropriate Package Selection)
  • Pre-Sale Control
  • Labelling
  • Adding Certificate of Guarantee
  • Bar-coding
  • QR Coding

Our Global Logistics Activities

  • We have international experience and communication skills with our sectoral knowledge.
  • We are working with project development and management analysis process implementations.
  • We are able to create quick solutions at lower costs by means of our experience.
  • We have the ability to think global and create local solutions.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

“ABSOLUTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” is an indispensable principle for our company that adopts providing 100% qualified service to our business associate customers at every stage of procurement logistics services as its rule.