Concert Logistics

Anasayfa Concert Logistics

All logistic works of the stage and platform equipments regarding stadium concerts performed within the scope of open-air festivals by world stars that came to Turkey were organized by ULUSAL LOGISTICS.

Operations such as carrying all equipment, transporting them to abroad, clearing them through customs, obtaining special safe conducts within the scope of concert logistics, process beginning with the shipment of equipment to concert area and all logistic activities of giant stages to be established in concert area are managed by us through onsite logistic system.

Under onsite logistics 15 pieces forklifts, 8 pieces of 50-ton cranes and 6 pieces trucks were assigned in establishing the giant stages and platforms within a concert experience of us in the previous years, For works performed under intensive pace, operations were completed in 9 days as a result of 16 hours of work based on 2 shifts per day. Disassembling and loading organizations of the stage and platform equipment consisting of 105 trucking rigs in total were performed by ULUSAL LOGISTICS and they were shipped abroad. This process was managed by a team of 48 people in total.

Our Global Logistics Activities

  • We have international experience and communication skills with our sectoral knowledge.
  • We are working with project development and management analysis process implementations.
  • We are able to create quick solutions at lower costs by means of our experience.
  • We have the ability to think global and create local solutions.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

“ABSOLUTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” is an indispensable principle for our company that adopts providing 100% qualified service to our business associate customers at every stage of procurement logistics services as its rule.