Technological Infrastructure

Anasayfa Technological Infrastructure

Technological infrastructure systems, which are one of the main factors of innovative, reliable, economic and fast service production, are of great importance in our organization structure. For this purpose, we work with modern IT systems in order to carry out both our own business processes and the business processes of our business partners more efficiently.

With our ERP-based information operating system, all our departments are integrated with each other in the same system. Our internal integration is shared directly with the demands of our customers and shared with our business processes to facilitate the tracking system and accelerate transactions.

The sharing of information is an important bridge between our company and our customers. ’With house Warehouse Management Systems’ (WMS), our customers can always access up-to-date stock information. This system is easier and faster to manage the developments of the business processes, as well as the reporting of these transactions are provided the opportunity to get detailed.

Information and assets are one of the most important concepts for organizations to continue their activities. Therefore, the protection and confidentiality of information is a very important element for us. Having ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) certificate, our company continuously invests in the management and protection of information and assets. With the continuity of these approaches that will reduce commercial losses to zero, we share the maximum benefit with our customers by minimizing the existing risks.