Store Logistics

Anasayfa Store Logistics

Our interior store services prepare your products to be presented to your customers; so your sales staff does not have to do that and spend extra time and labour for that. Moreover, only one night is enough for us to solve all these operations. Thus, we will not steal and divide your store’s time which is saved for your customers in working hours

Our interior store service capacity has the power and equipment that can support the transactions of preparation, planning, materials’ mounting and unloading. Besides that, with the chance of changing your stocks quicker, you can have the possibility of more sales in shorter period and you can raise your profit level. Let your sales staff deal with your customers, bringing the boxes, preparing the products to sale is our job.

ULUSAL LOGISTIC Interior store logistic services

  • Interior store operations’ inventory optimization, supporting to labour productivity and creating activities that include supporting stock availability
  • Dividing collection equipments, separation of products in terms of sections.
  • Consolidation, combining stock room and shelf feeding managements.
  • While increasing stock availability, decreasing unnecessary stock amount.

Decreasing the costs and improving customer services.

Our Global Logistics Activities

  • We have international experience and communication skills with our sectoral knowledge.
  • We are working with project development and management analysis process implementations.
  • We are able to create quick solutions at lower costs by means of our experience.
  • We have the ability to think global and create local solutions.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

“ABSOLUTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” is an indispensable principle for our company that adopts providing 100% qualified service to our business associate customers at every stage of procurement logistics services as its rule.