Anasayfa Sectoral Solutions INDUSTRY & ENGINEERING

For many manufacturers the solution to be offered for increase in material and labour costs is to supply these services from countries where costs are lower. This refers to more expensive and complicated supply chain.

As your solution partner ULUSAL LOGISTICS, we ensure that your goods are delivered in the safest possible way. In this way, we offer you the opportunity allocate your valuable time with loved ones instead of spending it to solve the complexity of logistics sector.

Control and efficiency in Order

Management and Storage activities are essential. This becomes possible when you manage to build a bridge between ones you have and your customers’ needs.

ULUSAL LOGISTICS offers ideas that could help you manage your inventories efficiently and in more convenient way in terms of cost. You have to guarantee delivery processes of products to the end users whether you are a multi-national or small regional manufacturer. ULUSAL LOGISTICS overcomes these challenges through its experience and qualified staff without having trouble.

ULUSAL LOGISTICS performs its all shipment management roles. It ensures that the technology shipment is delivered safely and every step of this process is managed effectively.

Delivery Services Management

  • Strategic Solutions in Resolutions
  • Order Management
  • Customer Demand Management
  • Inventory Tracking and Management
  • Analysis and Report Management

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Analysis and Design
  • Planning and Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Replacement Supply
  • Supply Network Management
  • Inventory Management

ULUSAL LOGICTICS takes the responsibility of combining its resource and data processing infrastructure and resources, operation and data processing infrastructure of the suppliers and responsibility of controlling this process. Besides it always keeps its monitoring and resolving skill vigorous regarding management, performance, cost and development of all supply chain functions, operation, systems and suppliers within determined scope.

Value Added of Supply Chain Management

  • Your distribution, transportation, purchasing and personnel costs decrease
  • Your business capital decrease since the inventory is shortened
  • Since you have more flexible supply chain and your efficiency increases your costs decrease.


The Goal of the Spare Part Logistics which is managed by ULUSAL LOGISTICS is; to minimize faced complicated demand chains and distribution of low quality goods resulting from increased competition; to use the inventory in the best way by improving the availability of parts and; to minimize the delivery time.

Our solution partnerships and professional structure that we established aimed to minimize strict delivery time required for supply chain of after sale services and achieved to reach the right part at right place and time.

ULUSAL LOGISTICS has the skill, operational expertise and new technologies that will help you reduce inventory and investment cost, improve delivery time, coordinate more component more effectively and respond to changes in the marked in a faster and more efficient way.

Goods Acceptance Services in Manufacturing

  • Storing and Handling
  • Counting, Measurement and Ranking
  • Grouping Assemble and Disassemble
  • Indirect Line Feed
  • Shipment Management and Measurement
  • Supplier Coordination

Overseas Supplier Management / Integrated

We are part of an international company existing around the world. We are aware of the necessary legal matters, he have required local experience and knowledge to work with customs authorities in order to facilitate the transition of goods across national boundaries.

Overseas Supplier Management/lntegrated Services

  • Expertise in foreign trade transactions
  • Import and Export Customs Transactions
  • Overseas Domestic Transportation Operations
  • Project Management and Delivery
  • Inventory and Stock Management

Our Global Logistics Activities

  • We have international experience and communication skills with our sectoral knowledge.
  • We are working with project development and management analysis process implementations.
  • We are able to create quick solutions at lower costs by means of our experience.
  • We have the ability to think global and create local solutions.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

“ABSOLUTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” is an indispensable principle for our company that adopts providing 100% qualified service to our business associate customers at every stage of procurement logistics services as its rule.