Sectoral Solutions AUTOMOTIVE

Anasayfa Sectoral Solutions AUTOMOTIVE

Automotive companies focused on searching competitive advantages against challenges that could be faced by the markets in every field. ULUSAL LOGISTICS seeks new ways to clarify processes, to improve the accuracy of deliveries and also to simplify the most complex and wide supply chains.

ULUSAL LOGISTICS suggests proactive solutions that will help your operations with customers and offers necessary controls that will allow you adapt quickly to the changing Market conditions.

Our Operation Method

While we, as ULUSAL LOGISTICS, ensure that our offered service model meets your current needs by focusing on the challenges and opportunities you face, we also aim to develop further the method each passing day.

  • Spare Parts Shipping Management
  • Regional and Domestic storage
  • Creating Supply Park
  • In-Plant Supply

Storage and Management of the Order

It includes whole load consisting of complete vehicle, vehicles less than full, half vehicle and partial loads. Our current customer portfolio helps us capture the vehicle occupancy in optimum capacities.

After Sale

Original equipment supply chains in automotive industry have been subjected to intense inspections and investments recently. On the contrary, although automotive has after sale ‘demand chains’ high profitability rate it often shows lower performance than expected, it is not efficient and is subjected to lack of investment.

Goods Acceptance

  • Goods collection process planning
  • Combination of goods acceptance procedures
  • Dealer and inventory management
  • Demand planning and estimates
  • Order fulfilment
  • Excessive inventory management
  • Central and outlet inventory management

Distribution centre solutions

  • Warehouse management
  • Packaging operations
  • Package engineering design
  • Grouping
  • Management of returned goods

Goods delivery solutions

  • Route optimization
  • Management of returned goods.