Warehouse Management for Value Added Services

Anasayfa Lojistik Warehousing and Warehouse Management Warehouse Management for Value Added Services

At Ulusal Logistic & Warehousing, warehouse management for value added services is provided and conducted as a part of the whole logistical process.


What are Value Added Services?

Value added services are determined along with the requests of customers. In accordance with the demands and requests from clients, services such as labelling, 2D barcoding, sticking instruction manuals, assortment, hanging, putting on price tags, creating promotion packages, using security tapes and adding warranty card are provided.


Warehouse Management for Value Added Services at Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

Value added services are monitored and overseen with a module specially designed only for this service. Thanks to the modules developed specifically for warehouse management systems, it is now possible to create real-time reports.

As Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we see our stocking solutions for value added services as more than just piling and stocking. Each service we provide is a natural part of the logistical processes and we take all of our steps towards improving our operational performance. Our customers are highly satisfied with those additional services.

Irrespective of industry, we reduce the expenses of our customers in all fields of operation and we enable them to operate faster in inventory management.

We easily perform pre-sale services such as stacking, packaging, editing upon request, postponing, assorting or aligning with our automation-based infrastructure.

As a result, we make our customers save time and money.

Top quality services with minimised costs are also aligning with our notion of absolute customer satisfaction and 100% quality, which we have internalised in the course of a long time.


Our Essential Value Added Services at Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

  • Packaging
  • Product mounting
  • Grouping
  • Aligning
  • Line feeding
  • Choosing Suitable Packages
  • Pre-sale Controls
  • Labelling
  • Adding Warranty
  • Barcoding
  • Setting QR Codes


As Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we have years of industrial experience which keeps incessantly improving. Owing to this fund of knowledge, we provide the fastest solutions while at the same time minimising the expenses.

For project development and management analyses, we are developing tools that are able to understand those processes and we integrate those tools to our work-stream.

We combine all of those assets with our communicative skills and with an approach that always puts customer satisfaction first. And ultimately, we achieve our goals for providing our customers with 100% quality.