Warehouse Management for Projects

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At Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, warehouse management of projects cover a broad field, generally providing the required warehouses for big projects.


What is Warehouse Management for Projects and how does It Work?

Within the context of project and project management, each of the solutions personalised for the customers is handled as a project; and, the operations are managed accordingly.

The fields and lines of work to be covered, the main objective of the project and the goals needed for success must be planned in a detailed manner and checked up on carefully. During the process, time management must be at its best so that the expenses of both the company and the customers will be reduced and the required resources will be managed and forwarded effectively.

In order to retain control over the conduction of projects and make analyses, one needs to be an expert in performance management. Consequently, risk management and possible opportunities are provided to perfection. As the name suggests, projects require a disciplined and coherent team work; otherwise, the desired performance cannot be observed and the companies suffer a loss for no reason at all.

It is vital for goods to be stocked in the safest and the most practical way possible throughout the project. Warehouse management in projects is one of the most important parts of supply chain, which is quite comprehensive and wide. The customer expectations can be met and detected quickly and in safety with the ever-improving warehousing technologies. By properly using technology at the right places, the expenses could be reduced; efficiency could be increased by using less labour power; and the possible risks could be eliminated.


Warehouse Management for Projects with Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

Projects conducted by Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing are strictly bound to the principle of absolute customer satisfaction and 100% quality. This is an indispensable code of discipline in the company. Our experiences have been accumulated into a treasure of knowledge thanks to our years of experience in the industry, giving way to solutions that are both high-quality and budget-friendly at the same time.

We not only offer customised services to our customers regarding their projects and warehouse management but also provide those services in such a way that we do not just catch up with the latest industrial innovations, yet at the same time we generate our own trends and innovative solutions in the sector. All of those are achieved thanks to our staff of professionals, all experienced in their own field; our superior communicative skills and our strong attitude.

At Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, the entire way that the goods cover from the zero point to the consumers is referred to as “the Carrousel System.” We successfully complete the management of required lateral and vertical processes.

During the management of projects and warehouses, which are classified as value added services and cover an enormous field, we provide our customers with safe, fast, highly-affordable, top quality services.

Thanks to our unique warehousing systems and our distinctive style of warehouse management, we secure our company’s and our customers’ efficiency under the warranty of Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing.


Advantages of the Carrousel System at Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

  • Easier order-pick
  • Real time stock monitoring
  • Warehouse Stock Analysis
  • Quick order delivery and management
  • RfID Labelling
  • 2D Barcoding
  • SSCC Labelling
  • El Terminal
  • Automated Sortation
  • Automated Storing and Retrieving System (ASRS)
  • Inventory Management


Warehousing solutions provided by Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing are not only limited to stocking but they also cover various options such as secondary packaging, special services and pre-sale operations. Our solutions address to a wider array than merely warehousing and stacking.

In addition to these, we follow technology very closely and, at our very own R&D centre, we are currently developing automations and software that could be effectively used during warehouse management operations.

Thanks to our automated warehouse management operations, we make our customer save their time and money while at the same time we minimise the risks that might be caused by humans.

Due to our perfectionist nature that aspires after flawless operations, we are also able to conduct all risk analyses in advance as well as being able to estimate and evaluate possible opportunities.


Warehousing and Procurement Services at Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing


  • Dedicated facilities
  • Shared facilities
  • National and regional distribution centres
  • Systems for work force management and customised operations
  • Storing hazardous substances in the proper environment with heating-control
  • Integration of Warehouse Management System
  • Secondary Packaging