E-Procurement and Warehouse Management

Anasayfa Lojistik Warehousing and Warehouse Management E-Procurement and Warehouse Management

Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing is aware of the fact that e-procurement warehouses are indispensable for e-commerce and takes every step accordingly.


What is E-Procurement?

All goods and services required for production is defined as “the procurement process.”

Throughout the procurement process, the decisions made by companies are important in the sense that the process continues properly as possible. Time management, broker agents and setting order dates as well as the required number of personnel are a few examples to those decisions. Bad decisions or risks emerge as a result of unexpected occurrences might damage both the company and the customer.

E-Procurement, though, enables those procurement processes to be managed online. Portal solutions provided via the Internet and electronic procurement systems provide safe online procurement opportunities for companies. The act of buying, hence, is transferred to the virtual platforms.

The most important thing that holds e-procurement systems up is the data as well as the database platforms. Thanks to those platforms and data, the act of purchase can be realised via the Internet and via a central portal. Therefore, the communication between the buyer and the supplier is maintained in real time.


E-Procurement and Warehouse Management with Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

As Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we are aware of the rapidly evolving e-commerce industry, which is highly functional as an effect of our era. Due to this reason, we provide our customers with flexible and quick solutions in the field of e-commerce and e-procurement in order to be able to comprehensively and completely help them with their operations, make them enlarge their portfolios and minimise their expenses.

Thanks to the highly-developed online services rendered by Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we ensure that we will increase your customer satisfaction while at the same time improving your services. We actively support your business and project operations with our strict mission of “absolute customer satisfaction and 100% warranty of quality.” Together with our experienced staff of professionals, we offer a broad service bundle encapsulating the very beginning of your projects until the integration of e-commerce systems. By keeping our collaborations with the biggest retailers of Turkey, we offer our customers online and commercial solutions for E-Procurement.

By taking advantage of the cutting edge technology, we are able to 24/7 monitor the whole process with our web-based IT systems as well as letting our customers to do the same thing.

During the management of procurement and warehousing processes, we work with the highest possible discipline and we provide the best flow for the process. By designing the storage facilities to match the automation systems developed in our R&D Centres, we complete the steps of shelving, handling, stacking and retrieving in a quick, safe and impeccable way, without any human errors.

Our Warehousing and Order Procurement Services in Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

By merging our years of industrial experience with a staff of professionals and with a strict work ethic, we aspire after providing our customers with services that never compromise on 100% quality. In line with this purpose, our order procurement and warehousing services for e-procurement operations are as followed:

  • Dedicated facilities
  • Common facilities
  • National and regional distribution centres
  • Systems dedicated to work force management and personalised schedules
  • Storing hazardous substances in a safe environment with heating control
  • Integration of warehouse management systems
  • Secondary Packaging services