Warehousing and Warehouse Management

Anasayfa Lojistik Warehousing and Warehouse Management

As Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we provide our customers with comprehensive solutions and services about warehousing and warehouse management.


What is Warehousing and Warehouse Management?

Throughout the projects, the journey of every product, from zero to the consumers, is called “The Procurement Process.”

Warehousing and its effective management emerge as a must for procurement processes.

For all kinds of procurement processes, warehousing and warehouse management cover shelving, stacking and handling of the goods; making warehouse operations more practical with automations and data-driven software; maintaining a safe and thermally stabile environment and value added services as such.

Effectively managed warehouses make both the companies and the customers save money and time.


Warehousing and Warehouse Management with Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

As Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we continue to embark on our absolute customer satisfaction and 100% quality principles, which we prioritise in every field, with a strict discipline, care and devotion also in warehousing operations and warehouse management.

We provide customised solutions by combining the strength of our experienced staff of professionals with the cutting edge technology that we develop in our R&D centre. As a result; we detect and eliminate possible risks in advance thanks to our advantage in using enhanced warehousing technologies and our automation-based operational techniques. Consequently, the expenses are also minimised.

We stock all kinds of products and goods in the safest way possible either at our dedicated or shared facilities; and, we do more than just stacking.

At our highly accessible warehouse locations, not only do we manage vast and smart warehouses but we also save space thanks to the latest technology we use, as well as making it easier to reach the stacked goods. As a consequence, we reduce the enormous work force required for warehousing processes.

With our automated storage and retrieving systems (ASRS) and with smart software, we diminish every possible accident that might emerge during stocking.


Value Added Services for Warehousing at Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

For warehouse management operations, we offer our customers value added services that will increase their efficiency and, thanks to those services, we make their business/project procedures into more productive experiences

The mains value added services that we offer in Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing:

  • Packaging
  • Product Mounting
  • Grouping
  • Aligning
  • Line Feeding
  • Designing (Choosing Suitable Packages)
  • Pre-sale Controls
  • Labelling
  • Adding Warranty Deeds
  • Barcoding
  • QR Coding



Warehouse Automation Solutions

Depo otomasyonu sayesinde daima doğru, güncel stok verileri ve depo barkod sistemi ile hatasız depolama tecrübesi için Ulusal Lojistik & Antrepo. Depo otomasyonu depolama hizmeti sürecinde depolanan ürün ve malların stoklanma, taşınma gibi tüm hareketlerinin görüntülenebildiği bir sistemdir.