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Our R&D Centre | Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

At Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we are taking firm and progressive steps for Industry 4.0, aspiring after perfection in every branch of activity.

We are adapting ourselves to these evolving dynamics of the industry and our era. By doing so, we go by providing our customers and business partners with a solid and high-class service. We take all of our steps by thinking ahead of the present and by considering possible circumstances.


Industry 4.0 and Logistics

With Industry 4.0, there are emergent advancements that can directly be applied to each line of work in logistics. Those advancements never cease to be renewed due to the developments in technology.

Affordable and satisfying-in-design smart facilities are becoming more essential day by day. Besides, software making supply chain management into an easier topic are offering the opportunity of immediate intervention with their constantly-controllable structures. For each one of those, companies need an infrastructure that is compliant with the latest technology.

There have been roaring improvements in risk management, as well. Security gaps are annihilated thanks to smart systems; possible risks are calculated immediately and technologies 100% controllable even in time of crisis are being developed. Thanks to the necessary data, which is so golden in our era, and the data logging software, special implementations emerge for each field of operation.

Having a visionary and an innovative approach, Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing follows those developments very closely and puts them into effect on time.


Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing R&D Centre and Industry 4.0

In the R&D Centre of Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, certain examinations and pilot schemes are prioritised by taking into account the developments caused by Industry 4.0. Thanks to the data obtained from tools and from tool detection, we are acquiring highly necessary information and deductions. In line with these studies, we are living by a strict working process in order to be able to develop self-determining, 100% accurate technologies.

We aspire after using IoT (Internet of Tools), which is brought to us by Industry 4.0, in the most effective way possible. In accordance with this goal, we integrate on-going processes and focus on cloud technologies by creating a network between devices.

Studies that are conducted on cloud simulations and robotics are classified as Logistics 4.0 within the R&D operations of Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing.


R&D Mission of Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

At our R&D centre, where strong and data-based scientific approaches have the highest level of importance, we prioritise implementing technologic-integration processes on all value chains.

Owing to these studies, we see it our ultimate mission to be a game changer by offering those developments and to create innovative services.


Our R&D Infrastructure at Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

At our R&D Centre, we focus on warehouse management, essential custom clearance and improvement, deliberate distribution networks and vehicle routing, speeding the pricing steps, process analysis, quality management, capacity planning, practical facility designs and investment planning.

Our experienced R&D team embraces a work discipline which encourages coherently and all-together using those innovations and abilities related to comprehensive process planning.


Special R&D Solutions for Logistics Industry by Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

We exhibit countless R&D activities related to different areas as a result of our collaborations with a comprehensive circle of business partners.

Among those activities, those can be mentioned as our priorities: Optimisation and routing; 3D stocking models; innovative solutions for load and network optimisations; warehouse management; business models developed for delivery and distribution; designing automation systems; modelling product and order preparation process and the packaging; software developments for order management; and system designs specific to demand management.