Manufacturing Logistics Management

Anasayfa Lojistik Industries Manufacturing Logistics Management

Industrial Manufacturing Logistics, planning the production process, warehousing and distribution of products, and solutions for manufacturing logistics.

What is Manufacturing Logistics?

Manufacturing Logistics can be referred to as Production Logistics or Industrial Manufacturing Logistics. It provides great support to the manufacturers in the processes of production and transportation of their products. Industrial Manufacturing Logistics includes the planning, management, and control of the materials and information flow related to those products for the companies in the manufacturing industry. Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing supports producing companies with Manufacturing Logistics Management and Services by enabling them to save time and workload in the production process. The process starts with the acceptance and transportation of the products to the warehouse then stocking those materials before manufacturing. The process continues with Value Added Services according to the demands of customers. Following the operations in the warehousing process, the materials are distributed to the defined places or, the reverse logistics of the returned materials are carried out.

Manufacturing Logistics and the Advantages of Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing

With its long-established experience and professional staff, Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing aims to stand by the manufacturer in every condition during Manufacturing Logistics Management and Services. It has been a part of the supply chain of many companies in both the domestic and global industries. Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing owns the essential equipment and workforce of the Manufacturing Logistics process. As a result, it offers the best solutions to the problems encountered by the manufacturing companies in the production industry due to the business of the sector.

All stocking, forwarding, distribution, etc. relevant to Manufacturing Logistics Management and Services are carried out by Ulusal Lojistik & Antrepo spotlessly in line with legal management requirements. The products manufactured by the producing companies and their industries differ to a great extent. Being aware of this fact, Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing promises producers the opportunity to have personalized service in accordance with their demands. It offers matchless solutions for packaging, creating kits, or providing spare parts upon the requests of the companies. Alongside, it maximizes inventory management and production planning by enabling all companies in the supply chain to access the essential information actively thanks to the technological systems used.

Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing provides various advantages to the producing companies it collaborates with. The advantages are:

  • Decreasing the duration of the process of manufacturing products
  • Enabling to produce more products
  • Increasing efficiency in the manufacturing process
  • Taking effective precautions against problems that may occur during the manufacturing logistics stage
  • Solving encountered problems quickly and effectively
  • Adding flexibility to the manufacturing process
  • Reducing the cost of logistics needs
  • Always keeping inventory data up-to-date and controlling stocks
  • Improving material management

The Services Provided in Manufacturing Logistics

  • Creating the plans of the production process
  • Distribution and stocking of materials
  • Quality control of the materials
  • Supporting the manufacturing process
  • Making the products ready for the production stage
  • Packing
  • Transfer of products to other stations during production
  • Order management
  • Supply management
  • Active information transfer about the process
  • Optimization of the supply chain
  • Value-Added Services
  • Customer service support