Human Resources

Anasayfa İnsan Kaynakları


The performance measurements and assessment of our employees, which constitute an important place in the realization of our company targets and are among our most important company assets, are of great importance in achieving these targets and the performance management system; Fees include education and rewarding factors. Performance evaluations are made on the basis of personnel competencies and objectives, and are based on sincere and fair dialogue between managers and the personnel evaluated. Goals are teamwork and each player in the team to play the game with maximum efficiency and to achieve the set goals together.

Performance assessment are made at least (1) times a year; These factors, which are directly related to the performance of our employees such as wages, premiums and promotions, are evaluated by the company management and the necessary steps are taken according to these data. In addition, all of our departments undergo periodical training processes on certain dates and receive instant training of sectoral innovations and apply these changes in their business processes.


Just as our company’s legal personality is managed in line with the objectives, our employees can easily achieve their own career goals in our company. ULUSAL LOGISTICS as our basic principle; the personnel needs that are vacated due to various reasons or arising out of new investments and projects are firstly selected from among our own personnel who have the necessary conditions and have received the necessary training.


FEE SETTING AND REWARD MANAGEMENT SYSTEMULUSAL LOGISTICS; In our company where flexible wage management is applied, the performance results of our employees are directly reflected in the wage increases. In addition, it is of great importance in determining the wage policies in the annual sector and general economic indicators.Ulusal Logistics’ s employees substantially determine the salary in Ulusal Logistics. We are implementing to flexible wages in the Ulusal Logistics and performance results of our employees are directly reflected in the wage.

ULUSAL LOGISTICS; for its personnel who continuously monitor business processes and take an active role by taking part in these processes, and who make suggestions about the projects implemented or planned to be implemented; operates an objective, clear and fair method of rewarding and implements it as an example within the company.


Our company attaches great importance to periodic trainings in line with the continuous training and development activities and it is aimed to carry out the works of the company and thus the work of our business partners more efficiently with this method / applications. Our company attaches importance to continuing education and development activities and this method / practices aim to  work which our business partners and our company  more efficiently.

The Company attaches great importance to the continuity of the training in order to follow all the developments and legal regulations related to foreign trade, to remind and repeat the important parts of the information given during the technical trainings, to inform the practices realized within the company, to share the sectoral information and to make this information permanent in our employees.