Exposition Logistics

Anasayfa Exposition Logistics

ULUSAL LOGISTICS has the experience of many years in the field of transport and storage related to exposition and special projects. ULUSAL LOGISTICS successfully carries out exhibition and booth transportation all around the world with its specialized staff.

We offer wide selection of transportation services for your transport works. We are able to perform your ATA Carnet and all import-export transactions smoothly for the free movement of exposition goods. We also provide full support in preparing the necessary legal documents for process management and in customs brokerage services.

We offer all kinds of special integrated services on turnkey basis including works of art, large construction machineries and private collections, production lines.

Our Global Logistics Activities

  • We have international experience and communication skills with our sectoral knowledge.
  • We are working with project development and management analysis process implementations.
  • We are able to create quick solutions at lower costs by means of our experience.
  • We have the ability to think global and create local solutions.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

“ABSOLUTE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” is an indispensable principle for our company that adopts providing 100% qualified service to our business associate customers at every stage of procurement logistics services as its rule.