Our Environmental Policy

Anasayfa Our Environmental Policy

Logistic activities around the world do not ever cease to operate and they continue with a momentum that increases in an incessant way. There are sectorial alterations, as well, just like there are changes in our era, which is rapidly shifting.

In the meantime, nevertheless, our planet world is continuously changing, as well, getting closer to an irreversible state day by day.

As Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we are more than aware of this problem and we have taken immediate actions in order to display the very much required sensitivity on this topic. We have made it our primary duty to minimise our damage to the environment with our operations, business agreements and our advanced sense of awareness.

We are aware of the fact that even logistic operations cannot be properly conducted without our planet world in which we are living.

We are refusing to be a contributor to this enormous problem; as a result, we aspire after managing our operations with zero harm to the environment.