Corporate Identity

Anasayfa Corporate Identity

The journey of the Ulusal Warehouse started in 1999 to serve in the fields of import and foreign trade. Believing in the power of change and continuous development, our group offers strategic solutions and consultancy services as well as transportation, storage and distribution services.Ulusal Warehouse had one goal when it started to operate in the sector: To ensure the success of its customers, to provide new solutions to increase trade and to create advantages in logistics services. This approach, which puts itself at the center of the change, was the first step in the Ulusal Warehouse becoming a brand.

Aware of the fact that our customers are doing international business, we know no boundaries in quality and use all technological opportunities to increase productivity. As the logo was renewed, it was aimed to be a visual expression of the group’s dynamic structure and belief in change.For this purpose, the red logo in the new logo is the main theme of the logistics that the Ulusal Warehouse represents. Since our job is freight, we created a movement by symbolizing the forklift , which represents transport, loading and storage, with the letter “L” at the end of our name. The colors we choose are Black and Red. Black represents power, self-confidence, determination and determination. Red represents dynamism, energy, and mobility.

Now we’re ready to move.

National Warehouse makes a new start with its new logo. Accepting 2016 as a turning point in the history of change, it opens a whole new page with the inspiration from you. We invite you on this journey as the change continues and you learn the story of ULUSAL change.