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Logistics Management and Services
Logistics services, safe storage, fast distribution, and strategic solutions that can be customized are offered to companies from various industries.
What is Logistics? Logistics is the delivery of raw materials or products from the manufacturer to the end consumer within storage systems and vehicles that are suitable for the characteristics of the materials. Logistics management is the planning, documentation, implementation that are made for the needs and demands of the customers, and control of these implementations. During the logistics warehouse service process, many tasks such as sortation, packaging, labeling, or barcoding are provided. Logistics management is carried out by logistics companies that work with staff who are experts in their fields. The cost of logistics services varies according to the type and quantity of the products, the services offered during the warehousing process, and the distance of the delivery route.
Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing is a logistics specialist who always aims to produce strategic and economical solutions to its customers following international logistics standards. It provides the best logistics service by offering safe and fast solutions thanks to its staff expert in corporate logistics along with state-of-the-art automation systems, vehicles, and extensive storage capacity. Thanks to the logistics base that has been developed by Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, it provides a planned process that enables logistics services to materials with various special needs. Being a well-established logistics company, Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing continues to serve its customers in the light of the 100% satisfaction principle.

Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing Supports Your Company
Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing adopted the principle of transparency in its forwarding and warehousing service. Thanks to the state-of-the-art systems used, the customers have the opportunity to follow every task of their products such as raw materials, work machines, or artworks during the entire delivery, and storage process. Besides, all legal needs such as customs clearance, or generation of documents in logistics activities that should be carried out meticulously and without any flaw are handled by the professional staff of Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing.

High-Quality Service with 100% Customer Satisfaction
Being Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing, we always try to maintain the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level. So, we give great importance to improve our quality standards to keep up with the developing technology. With its innovative ideas, Ulusal Logistics & Warehouse offers supply chain management services to our customers efficiently and economically. With the high-quality Value Added Services provided, we help the companies we work with to save time and labor while saving their budgets.


Thanks to sectorial logistics services, the logistics activities of products from different industries are carried out with plans specifically prepared according to the needs of the products. Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing provides logistics services for several industries such as Automotive, Aircraft, Manufacturing, Textile, Retail (FMCG), Health, Chemical (ADR), E-Commerce, and Heavy Industry. In these fields, it produces excellent solutions for industries with different needs with the help of its professional staff.

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You can benefit from local and national distribution services of Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing. It also serves partial and complete distribution in the fields of Fair & Event, Concert, and Project.
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Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing continues to make a difference with its warehousing solutions suitable for products of different industries. It serves Value Added Services throughout the storage process for its customers to make them gain speed in the industry.
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Ulusal Logistics & Warehousing has become a brand by embracing change and development. It makes investments to keep up with the constantly developing industries and to become the best among rival companies. During this period, it has carried out many R&D studies.

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